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Getting on the Hunterman's Flyway

Hey everyone,

I wanted to start a place on the site for thoughts and feedback from everyone to provide on how Hunterman's is doing. Any and all feedback is beneficial to how the future of Hunterman's turns out and it can't be done without you. If you have any questions about any of the products, please feel free to reach out!

We have a lot of new gear coming in just a few short weeks and I'm excited to see what you guys think of it. For anyone in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, we will be at a local vendor site in Harbour View on May 13th to give you guys a chance to get some gear hands on. I'll provide more details as the date gets closer.

I hope to be able to use this space as a place to engage with everyone moving forward and am happy to talk about and discuss any topics you may have questions with. Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing from everyone!


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